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                發布時間:2014-12-13 13:43:15   來源:濟南翻譯公司    點擊:
                This contract is made in two originals that should be held by each party.    
                What is left unmentioned in contract may be added there as an appendix.
                The Contract is written in quadruplicate (two for original and copy respectively) which shall become valid on the date of signature.
                This Contract is executed in two counterparts each in Chinese and English, each of which shall be deemed equally
                authentic. This contract is in 2 copies effective since being signed/sealed by both parties.    
                本合同為中英文兩種文例如陽正天本,兩種文々本具有同等效力。本合@ 同一式兩份。自雙方簽也深深字■(蓋章)之日起生效。
                This contract is made by and between the buyers and sellers, whereby the buyers agree to buy and the sellers agree to sell the under-mentioned. Commodities according to the terms and conditions stipulated below.    
                買方 buyer          賣方 seller         項目名稱 Project name
                地址 address        電話 phone        傳真 fax         聯系人 contact person
                1. 詳細→貨物清單 Detail supply list                   2. 合同價格 Contract value
                序號 item 型號 model 尺寸 size, dimension 數量 amount, unit
                單價 unit price 總價 total price 備註 remark 貨物,運費 freight, transportation 合同總額(含安裝費與稅金) Contract amount incl. VAT & installation
                3. 付款條件 payment conditions, payment terms
                4. 交貨地點 delivery place          5. 發貨期 delivery time
                6. 安裝條款 installation clause      7. 驗收條款 inspection clause
                8. 保證條款 guarantee clause   9. 不可抗拒條羅曼款 Force Majeure Clause
                10. 違約條款 Breach clause        11. 其他條款 Miscellaneous clause
                12. 買賣雙方信息 buyer and seller information
                a long-term contract 長期合同         a short-term contract 短期合同
                completion of contract 完成合同 contract for future delivery 期貨合同
                contract for goods 訂貨合同           contract for purchase 采購合同
                contract for service 勞務合同                 labor contract  勞動合同
                contract note 買賣合同(證書)        contract of arbitration 仲裁合同
                contract of carriage /Carriage Contract運輸合同
                Passenger Carriage Contract 客運合同
                Cargo Carriage Contract貨運合同          Technology Contract  技術合同
                Technology Development Contract技術開發合♀同
                Technology Transfer Contract技術轉讓合同
                Technical Consulting Contract技術咨卐詢合同
                Technical Service Contract技術身上也同樣是一陣陣黑光爆閃服務合同
                Safekeeping Contract 保管合同            Warehousing Contract  倉儲合同
                Agency Appointment Contract 委托合同
                Trading-Trust Contract 行紀合同        Brokerage Contract 居間合同
                Multi-modal Carriage Contract多式聯等下回去運合同
                contract of employment 雇傭合同      contract of insurance 保險合同
                contract of sale 銷售合同Sales Contract 買賣合同
                Contract for Supply of Power, Water, Gas , Or Heat 供電、水、氣、熱合同
                Gift Contract 贈與合同          Contract for Loan of Money 借款合同
                Leasing Contract  租賃合同   Financial Leasing Contract 融資租賃合同
                Contracts of Hired Work 承攬合同
                Contracts for Construction Project 建卐設工程合同
                contract life 合黑色盔甲直接就朝何林迎了上去同有效期          a nice fat contract 一個很有利的合同
                a written contract 書面合同              breach of contract 違反合同
                an executor contract 尚待執行的◤合同
                cancellation of contract 撤消合同          contract parties 合同當事人
                contract period (or contract term) 合同期限
                contract price 合約價格       contract provisions/stipulations 合同規定
                contract sales 訂約銷售       contract terms (or contract clause) 合同條款
                contract wages 合同工資                       contract 合同,訂立合同
                contractor 訂約人,承包人             contractual claim 根據合圍殺下逃脫同的債權
                contractual damage 合同引起的損害   contractual dispute 合同上①的爭議
                contractual guarantee 合同規定的擔保     contractual income 合同收入
                contractual liability/obligation 合同規【定的義務
                contractual practice/usage 合同慣例      contractual specifications 合同規定
                contractual terms & conditions 合同條款和條○件
                contractual 合同的,契約的                   renewal of contract 合同的續訂風雷之眼了嗎↓
                contractual-joint-venture 合作經營,契約式聯合經營
                copies of the contract 合同副本     originals of the contract 合同正本
                execution of contract/performance of contract  履行合同
                expiration of contract 合同期滿    interpretation of contract 解釋合同

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