Relief Sculpture and Medallions

The relief sculptures shown here were all created using photos only. They can range in size from medallion to 2' square or larger. My own style of relief sculpture is a bit deeper than most. It is a style I developed while creating the Memorial for the miners lost in Crandall Canyon. I wanted that monument to be "readable" from a good distance.  Accomplishing this goal required greater contrasts which I was able to achieve using this very deep relief.

I find relief sculpture much more challenging than portrait busts or figures. The difference is similar to the difference between "checkers" and chess. With a bust or a figure, I simply create the forms that I see. Relief sculpture requires a much more intense thought process -- every action (adding or subtracting clay) must be considered in relation to every other bit of clay in the sculpture. Relief sculpture is the creation of inaccurate shapes which must "read" as accurate shapes.