The Secret

© 2011

Sitting on the stairs to the front porch, one cool, summer evening, a friend and I watched her beautifully dressed four-year-old daughter doing summersaults on the front lawn. Somewhere along the way, her daughter needed to tell my friend a secret. I loved the way the little girl pulled back her mom's hair to whisper the secret directly into her ear as much as I loved that moment of playful intimacy -- it had to become a sculpture.

Some weeks later I asked my friend and her daughter to "pose" for me as I took some photos to use as reference for sculpting and another 'inspiration' occurred. The whispered words became ticklish -- I have a wonderful photo of both mother and child with heads thrown back in laughter -- it will have to become another sculpture some day. 

14" x 4" x 6"; edition of 15

The Secret, Bronze -- $2,200*