© 2000

This abstract sculpture is dedicated to a friend whose name is Grace. I didn't realize I was thinking about her until the sculpture began to take shape. There are so many things about the sculpture that are Grace - understated humor and generosity of spirit, recognition of what is important in life and letting go of the unimportant, living life with a gracefulness that makes people want to be with her.

This sculpture has an unanticipated effect on people. They want to pick grace up and hold her. In fact, she was once stolen. The experience inspired me to write the following:

"Does theft of one's fine art sculpture signify success?" 

During the 2002 Winter Olympics, I was thrilled to exhibit to an international audience at the Festival Gallery. Unfortunately, the only piece of my work that "moved" was a bronze figure sculpture, grace. Upon seeing this small bronze figure, there's a universal urge to hold her in the palm of one's hand. At other galleries, grace was always returned to her pedestal or (better yet) purchased. This time, however, whoever picked her up kept on walking. Somewhere there's a small bronze sculpture -- signed and numbered -- with a price on her head. 

5" x 6" x 4"; edition of 75

Grace, Bronze -- $950*


Grace, Hydrocal -- $550*

*Price includes crating and minimum shipping.