Oil Portraits

When asked to create a gallery of family ancestors -- by converting old, spotted, creased, and poorly lit sepia photos into oil portraits -- I had no idea how much I would love this medium of portraiture.  

Three portraits, below, are samples from that family project. The first portrait, ALEC (first row), is my father at age 12 in 1929 -- a serious young man whose childhood was overshadowed by World War I. The next two family project portraits, TOM JOBE and ELISE MAY ROSE (second, row), are of my father's parents, based on pictures taken in the late 1800's. Although the photgraphs were stilted and posed -- muddy and dimmly defined -- I was still able to recognize and translate the "oh, too familiar" Jobe characteristic of "cautious spiritedness" into their oil portraits.

As you can see from my gallery, I do not have one particular style of oil portraiture.

My painting covers a continuum from realistic (more rigidly defined, detailed) to impressionistic (looser lines, unexpected color usage). But the goal in every portrait is to capture the character and dynamics of the individual. The viewer not only sees a likeness, but has a sense of the character of the person portrayed. I work with each client to decide on a style that best suits them.

Oil portraits are done from photographs, copies of photographs, and live sittings. While the majority of my portraits are requested by families, I am always pleased to be asked to paint a portrait honoring civic accomplishment (i.e., firemen, policemen, veterans, judges, etc.).

The price for an 8" x 10" portrait is $285.00; the price for an portrait 18" x 24" is $485.00. Basic framing is included in the price. For an additional charge, I work with clients to find a frame that is perfect for the portrait and its placement.