© 1996

Peaces is a sculpture done for a collaborative exhibit with Poet, Nancy Takacs some years ago. The design can be found in the Wind River Valley of Wyoming. This design is more complex than most because it's "heart"  is a cage in which I place items of importance to the new owner. For example in my own sculpture, I have a bead from a friend in Africa, a pinecone and pebble found during a bicycle trip around the San Juan Islands.

The title I gave the sculpture is based on my own interpretation of the design. I see a woman who has been taken apart and reassembled in a Picasso-esque style. It seems a woman who has found "peace" many times despite the way life may have treated her.

25" x 18" x 8"; ed. of 20

Peaces -- $3,100*

*Price includes crating and minimum shipping.