Noah and Drew


I had the opportunity to use my sculpture as a fundraising project for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. A portrait (to be commissioned) was auctioned off at the annual fundraising event. The gentleman who won the bidding chose to have the portraits done of his grandsons who live with this disorder.

I fell in love with these guys from the moment I met them. Noah is full of what my mother would call "piss and vinegar" -- a bundle of energy and curiosity wrapped up in imagination and a sense of humor. He is 10 and was sporting a "Mohawk" when we met. Drew is 12, a gentle, compassionate dreamer. "As different as night and day," they were a true joy to work with.

Their situation posed a bit of a challenge in that I usually try to get models to a height where I can look directly from the sculpture to the model/client. Drew and Noah live in their wheelchairs and the chairs weigh about 300 pounds each. I could not raise them "up" so I had to get the sculptures and myself "down". Their mother kindly offered the use of a sturdy table and folding chair which got me as close as I could get to being eye level with the boys.

I never know when I start a project how long it will take to complete it. These sculptures "happened" surprisingly fast. I worked with the boys in their home over a period of 4 days and took lots of photographs. I then worked in my own studio and took the nearly completed sculptures back to them for a final sitting.